Sunday, June 03, 2012

Walk on the "Reuselse Moeren"

 Stonechat (roodborsttapuit) near the "kiekkaaste" (birdspotting shack). This is a female.
Osprey (Sperwer) near the "kiekkaaste"
Wren (Winterkoning) in the woods.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

ATT Astronomy Fair 2012

 Fahr fahr fahr auf die Autobahn
 Beautiful lady promoting Kiribotib Astrofarm
 Lucas Mesu demonstrates his Mesu-2 mount: Everything moves, except his super-stable mount!
 Type plate of the 25x100mm Fujinon binocular.
 Checking out the 25x100mm Fujinon
 Price tag of the 25x100mm Fujinon
 230mm Lunt solar telescope objective.
 230mm Lunt Solar telescope
 Fujinon 10x70 binocular hanging in trapezium
 Edwin checking out the Delos in NP101 with Al Nagler in the background
 Al Nagler.
 Rob Lefeber with the designer of CFF telescopes.
Rob Lefeber with Skywatcher.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Walk on the "Brunssummerheide"

Last Monday we went for a walk on the Brunssummerheide (south Limburg, near Heerlen).
Black cap (Dutch: Zwartkop)
Finch (Dutch: Vink)

Dome of the Explorion Observatory

View on the Brunssummerheide

Astrophotography Day Spring 2012

Last Saturday it was the astrophotography day. This time it was held in observatory Philippus Landsbergen in Middelburg (Zeeland).
Lucas Mesu was also there with his renown Mesu-2 mount. 100kg max. payload, friction drive, ArgoNavis/ServoCat servomotor goto system: an astrophotographers dream.......

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Visit to "Tiendesprong" observatory Tilburg

This evening we visited the "Tiendesprong" observatory Tilburg with a small delegation of Halley observatory. Here are some pictures of the beautiful 127mm Polarex refractor.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

NEQ6 telescope mount tuning

This saturday I went with my NEQ6 mount to Astrosystems Holland. Both RA and DEC axes were removed, cleaned and readjusted. Especially the RA axis is running with almost no free-play. Before that I had a lot of free play on the RA.
Here is the removed RA wormwheel.
Right you see the NEQ6 wormwheel. Left is the much larger ALT-AT7 wormwheel.
Here's the NEQ6 with DEC axis removed.
RA stepper motor
Control board.
Greasing the worm wheel before installation.
Installation of the DEC axis.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Nice afternoon walk on the Veluwe.

This afternoon we went walking on the Veluwe. We saw many Nuthatches (Dutch: boomklever) over there.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Nice walk at the "Biesbosch"

Last Sunday we had a nice walk on the "Biesbosch". We saw many birds we never saw before, like Avocets, Godwits, Shelducks, Reed bunting, Titlark and the Stonechat.